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Winter Cold Blues? We can fix that.

Winters can seem to last half the year in New York City with gray skies, freezing winds, and drifts of dirty snow on every corner. The ever-present puddles at the curb ice over and the avenues turn into wind tunnels whipping at your nose and tangling your hair. It’s enough to make anyone want to stay inside until June.

Here at My Cooking Party, we combat the steely cold outside with food that transports you. Our chefs turn dull, cold winter days into beach getaways or cozy nights by the fireplace. We weave a web of magic that makes you forget the freezing rain and snow-capped trash heaps.


If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, look no further than our massaman shrimp appetizer, a perfect bite of island bliss.

Our shrimp appetizer harkens to the lush Eden of Thailand with massaman curry and coconut milk. A dash of ginger – native to the hot tropics of India – will conjure palm fronds and shimmering heat waves. You’ll feel a balmy breeze on your cheeks and sand beneath your feet as you indulge in a taste of island paradise.


Looking to stay a little closer to home? Why not try our Thanksgiving Hen menu? Sure, Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, but the holiday season redeems the whole cold slog of winter, and we’d all like it back, please!

George Hughes, Dinner Party

So, let our chefs take you to the most wonderful time of year with Cornish hens, cranberry stuffing, celery root puree, green beans, and gravy. Every bite is full of rich, homey flavors that are as cozy and comfortable as a holiday sweater. In the wet cold of February and March, it can be difficult to remember anything good about this season, but we’ll remind you with a meal straight out of Grandma’s recipe book.


Maybe you’re not looking for island vacations or nostalgic holiday food. Maybe what you’re missing are the glorious days of summer with rooftop barbecues and Coney Island trips to ride the Cyclone. Sadly, our chefs can’t mimic the whips and dips of a ninety-year old coaster, but we can certainly deliver delicious summer eats and cold beer even in the dead of winter.

Our hors d’oeuvres selection will have you thinking of summer in no time, with mini burgers (topped with Maytag blue cheese, sautéed onions, and ketchup), mini corn dogs (with a honey-Dijon dip) and cauliflower florets (a perfect vegan dupe for buffalo wings). You might just forget that it’s gray outside with these delicious warm-weather eats being passed around. Pair your mini corn dog with a crisp, cold beer* and be transported to July weekends in the summer sun.


At My Cooking Party, we think your food should transport you! During the bitter cold months (and let’s face it, winter in New York isn’t over until mid-to-late April), book a party with us and we’ll give you a warm respite.

*At additional cost.