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The MCP approach to a teambuilding event is, and always has been, Organic. We believe that the greatest way to create human connections is through food! For the past 10 years, we have seen clients emerge from our New York Cooking School not just more aware of who their co-worker is, but also what he or she is capable of. Our Cooking Classes and Events, and even our fun Culinary Competitions, allow employees to socialize, learn, imagine, create, build, and most importantly, enjoy the fruits of their labor. What may take weeks, months, or even years in your office, takes just 3 Hours in our New York party venue. We could speak endlessly about the benefits and opportunities to identify personalities and encourage leadership within the MCP Cooking Party model, so please feel free to call us and discuss how one of our fun corporate teambuilding activities might help you achieve your goals. If this all seems a bit deep, you may want to check us out in the Outings Section!



"This team building event was the highlight of our four day meeting; it met the goal of bringing everyone together.
The event was well-suited for my high-level executives, and the customer service more than met my expectation.
I received so many compliments the next morning on the great food and fun everyone had. Thanks so much."
Renee Green, American Express - NYC

If you wish to host an event or activity in Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey (NJ), Brooklyn, Queens, or other NYC areas, contact MCP today at 212.686.2433 or CLICK HERE to contact us for more information.